Maintenance + Updating

Hosting, security and updates


If you are only looking for maintenance and security, click on the following button.

This service includes all of the above
+extra updates

what is included

What it does not include

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Content creation

The creation of texts, images and other contents of your website is your task.

Configuration of external accounts

The creation of your email accounts, social networks and/or any other type of tools (newsletter, etc) will be up to you.

Programming code (php, html, etc).

I will be exclusively in charge of the Hosting maintenance, web security and updates specified above.

These are the steps to follow

and frequently asked questions

I'm interested. What's next?

1. You just need to make the payment. Contact me to receive the payment instructions and we will get started.

2. I will send you an email specifying the information and data I will need to migrate the website and as soon as you do it we will start. In less than a week (7 working days).

3. Once it is ready I will notify you and I will send you all the access keys so you can manage it if you want. Remember that the web will be yours in property. I will only take care of the maintenance detailed above.

Matias, will you add and/or create content?

Depending on the service you have contracted I will update and/or add different elements.

I will not create the content in this service. You send me what you want and I will upload it to your site.

You can see the types of custom websites I have available for you by clicking here.

Does this service include punctual modifications?

This service includes host maintenance, security, restorations, data backup and software updates.

Depending on the type of service you hire I can make different modifications (to pages, contents, etc).

You can ask me for a quote at if you want to know more.

¿Tienes alguna duda? Soy Matias, por favor cuéntame y te ayudo encantado!
Do you have any questions? I'm Matias, please let me know and I'll be very happy to help you!